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Alopecia Medicine

Alopecia, commonly known as baldness in layman’s language causes partial or complete baldness which may develop over the scalp, eyebrows, bread area, armpits, ears, or even inside the nose. It is an auto-immune disease wherein the body attacks the hair follicles causing them to disrupt hair growth of new hair and fall out of the older ones. 

Life Aveda has combined together natural herbs that boost hair growth and promote regeneration of hair over the affected area due to the Alopecia disease. The Alopecia Care Collection helps in providing nourishment to hair follicles to induce hair regrowth and manage Alopecia symptoms such as bald spots, thinning of hair from the head, hair fall and hair loss, full body hair loss, etc.  

Ayurvedic Medicine for Alopecia

  • The Alopecia Collection offers two Ayurvedic products that help in managing the disease. The Onion Bhringraj Enriched Hair Growth Oil and Hair Vital Capsules are excellent Alopecia Medicines as they are made using Ayurvedic herbs that boost hair growth and regeneration.
  • These Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients include onion, Bhringraj, Amlaki, Thyme, Rosemary, and Hibiscus flower, which help in controlling baldness, hair loss, dandruff problems, and promote the growth of strong, healthy, and thick hair from the roots by producing collagen which boosts hair growth. 
  • The Hair Care pack is inclusive of both of these magical products and is suggested by Ayurvedic MD doctors to treat baldness and Alopecia naturally.


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