Immunity, Autoimmune, Allergy & Viral Infections

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Immunity, Autoimmune, Viral Infections and Allergy Products

When the body’s resistance to seasonal change, dust, or various kinds of food is low, it triggers autoimmune disorders such as allergies and viral infections that cause common cold, headache, fever, fatigue, exhaustion, and sometimes even life-threatening symptoms that are often attributed to a weak immune system.

To address these issues, Life Aveda has introduced a range of seasonal care and immunity boosting products that increase the body’s resistance to viruses and foreign substances that activate allergic reactions. It helps in building autoimmunity that fights against these allergens to keep the body healthy and disease-free. These Immunity Boosting Ayurvedic Products are packed with Ayurvedic benefits and are absolutely pure herbal extracts that help in countering a number of troubles that are related to low immunity that sets further complications.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Immunity, Autoimmune, Viral Infections and Allergy

  • Natural herbs and ingredients that are often used as home remedies to cure infections and allergies are used in the making of these anti-allergic and  Immunity Booster Ayurvedic products. A few such common herbs include: Ashwagandha, Neem, Tulsi, Haridra, Haldi, Giloy, Amla, Mulethi, Ginger, Kutki, Chirayyata, and many more powerful Ayurvedic herbs are blended in the most authentic compositions to create highly effective immunity-enhancing products. 
  • The naturally composed formulations work excellently as an Ayurvedic Medicine for viral infections that are rich in minerals and nutrients that help in treating problems like the common cold, flu, respiratory problems, allergic troubles, sneezing, coughing, inflammation, etc.
  • Besides working as a Medicine for viral infections and allergy relief products,  the natural supplements also boost respiratory, cardiovascular, and overall body functioning.
  • Immunity Enhancer, Amlaki capsules, Giloy capsules, Aveda 64, Supreme curcumin, Vasaka capsules, Curcumin 95%, Punarnava Mandur, Chyawanprash, and Arogya Vardhini Vati are overall immunity boosters that provide protection against infections and allergies. 
  • Aller GI, Secure Lungs, Plato G, Aloe Vera Capsules, Respire, and Everyday Tulsi are a few other products that specifically target allergies and safeguard against them. 
  • Apart from the individual health supplements, Life Aveda has also combined its carefully curated Ayurvedic products to form different combo packs that target a combination of problems and work wonderfully by contributing to increased immunity and treating specific infections and allergic reactions. 
  • All the products as well as combo packs are a hundred percent natural and ayurvedic and are highly recommended by Ayurvedic Doctors to support strong immunity and enjoying radiant health.


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