Acid-O Flux Syrup

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  • Helpful in relieving acidity & gas.
  • Aids in reducing bloating & heartburn.
  • Helpful in managing nausea & vomiting.
  • Good for relieving constipation & diarrhea.
Frequently Asked Questions
What causes acidity?+

Acidity is the result of bad eating habits, mismanaged lifestyle and sleep irregularities. Eating too much spicy, oily food, outside food, not exercising and not having regular sleep cycles.

Is acidity a serious concern in Children?+

Yes, acidity is a serious concern in children. It is because acidity can lead to nutritional deficiency as children will avoid eating due to fear of getting acidic and symptoms like burning or sour belching can also hamper their daily life activities.

What can be done to get relief from acidity?+

First way to get rid of acidity is by changing the type of food you are eating. Avoid having spicy, oily, packed and processed food. The same is to be followed in case of children as well. Also, exercising or keeping your children busy in some physical activity is of great help in order to improve your digestion.

Which Ayurveda formulations can help in acidity? +

Ayurveda herbs like amla, saunf, lavang, harad etc. are of great help in acidity. With such amazing herbs Life Aveda has prepared an impressive formulation, its Acid-o-flux syrup. This syrup can be taken by adults as well as children for resolving acidity issues.

Acid-O Flux Syrup
200ml - Rs. 180.00
  • 200ml - Rs. 180.00

Customer Reviews

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Lets see how it goes

Trying for the first time.. but nice product

Product is just amazing..

relieved from acidity.. just go for it.. only thing it is too much sweeter.. just dilute with more water..

Very effective.. say bye to acidity

I suffered a lot due to acidity. I took many pills but it didn't help. Then I took this.. n result was amazing..

Helps digestion

Taken regularly, it improves digestion.

Helps digestion

Taken regularly, it improves digestion.


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