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Premium Intimate Health

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  • Aids in relieving vaginal or white discharge
  • Helps in reducing irritation & foul smelling
  • Helpful in swelling & itchiness
  • Manages painful sexual intercourse
  • Supports female reproductive health
Frequently Asked Questions
Which Ayurvedic medicine is best for leucorrhea? +

Life Aveda’s Intimate Health Capsules work as an effective medicine to ensure intimate health and hygiene by managing leucorrhea or white discharge in females.

What are the best herbs to prevent UTIs?+

Babool, Lajwanti, Rasont, Tarwar and Kumari are all contained in Life Aveda’s Premium Intimate Health Capsules, which help in preventing and managing UTIs and its symptoms which include burning, inflammation and foul smell.

What medicine is good for itchy private parts? +

Premium Intimate Health Capsules help manage inflammation and itching of the private parts due to their anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties.

How to correct hormonal imbalance in females?+

Premium Intimate Health Capsules by Life Aveda can work effectively to reverse hormonal imbalances in females and improve their overall health and wellness.

Does Premium Intimate Health capsule have any side effects? +

When taken in the correct dosage and as per the doctor’s prescription, Intimate health capsules are completely safe to consume due to their hundred percent Ayurvedic composition.

Premium Intimate Health
60 - Rs. 875.00
  • 60 - Rs. 875.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Ishika Reddy

It's a great product purely dedicated for women's intimate hygiene.

Kavya Desai

The products works amazingly and provides good care.

Riya Patel
good product

I have been having intimate health for a month now and it has made wonders to my body

Sanaya Joshi

Value for money paid and effective

Aishani Gupta

It is very good product. I bought it 3rd time. And it is better thn many products we see on Television.worth a try.


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