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Premium Shilajit Capsule

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  • Supports endurance, vigor & stamina.
  • Helpful in increasing fertility & sexual performance.
  • Aids in reducing weakness & tiredness.
  • Loaded with detoxifying properties.
  • Helps to rejuvenate body cells & tissues.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Himalayan Shilajit capsule and what are its benefits?+

Himalayan Shilajit capsule is an Ayurvedic resin supplement sourced from the mountainous regions that are known to be packed with minerals, antioxidants and fulvic acid. Some benefits include increased energy, anti-aging effects, improved sexual health, muscle recovery as well as cognitive benefits.

Does the Shilajit resin supplement have any side effects?+

When taken in excess Shilajit capsule may result in mild side effects like increased body heat, dizziness or change in urine consistency/frequency. Adjust your dosage downward and maintain adequate water intake until it normalizes. If any serious symptoms arise, stop usage and contact your physician immediately.

Can I take the Shilajit capsule along with my regular medications?+

If you are on other prescription allopathic medicines or have existing health conditions, consult your physician before starting a Shilajit supplement regimen for safety, contraindications or optimal dosage guidance based on your medical history. Be observant about any interactions. Allow 3-4 hours gap between Shilajit and other medications if co-administered.

Is the Shilajit resin capsule suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding?+

No, the Shilajit capsule is not considered suitable for expecting or nursing mothers as adequate studies establishing its safety have not been conducted. Check with your gynecologist before use. Shilajit possesses hot potency in Ayurveda, hence avoid it during pregnancy and lactation phase as the growing fetus or infant requires cooler, more balancing foods and herbs instead.

What is the difference between Shilajit capsules and Shilajit Resin? +

The chief functions of both products are almost similar but the form varies.

Premium Shilajit Capsule
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  • 60 - Rs. 800.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Irfan K

I highly recommend everyone to try it as it is worth the amount.

A.C talukdar

Undoubtedly the product is super amazing and wonderful ever

Balaji Reddy

Like the product, brought it twice. It feels like I have reclaimed back all the energy and stamina. Full day on laptop was draining me, now i feel better and started going for walks in the evening. Helped me regain my energy to do more, you can also try it.

Ayan Dutta
It works..

It is a really nice product.

Good product

Really happy and satisfied from this product its build the immunity with all the important ayurvedic herbs niceproduct and value for the money


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