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Shilajit Resin

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  • Helpful in improving the production of male hormones.
  • Supports energy, strength & stamina
  • Helps to keeps you young & active.
  • Aids in improving heart health.
  • Helpful in managing stress & anxiety.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Life Aveda’s Shilajit Resin pure?+

Life Aveda’s Shilajit Resin is pure and rare with 76.99% fulvic acid, contains a potent bioactive compound used in Ayurveda for its rich nutritional content. Life Aveda sources premium quality Shilajit produced naturally in the Himalayas to retain its maximum benefits.

Can both men and women use pure Shilajit resin?+

Yes, both men and women can use pure Himalayan shilajit resin. It is considered as a general tonic and has scientifically proven benefits for both genders.

Is Shilajit safe to consume?+

When taken in moderation and according to package guidelines, consuming purified Shilajit resin is generally considered safe. However, start slowly to observe the effects on your body before increasing dosage, and avoid it during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Consult your doctor before starting a Shilajit supplementation regimen.

Does Shilajit have any side effects?+

It should be taken for 3 months regularly for better results.

What results can I expect from taking Shilajit Resin?+

Shilajit is said to provide multiple benefits like increased energy, improved cognitive and sexual function, muscle recovery, anti-aging effects and an overall sense of vitality when taken regularly. Because it enhances your body’s nutrient absorption, it could boost the functioning of other supplements or herbs taken alongside. However, results range based on factors like dosage, diet and lifestyle.

How to use Shilajit resin?+

Mix one pea-sized portion of shilajit in lukewarm water. You need to start with small amounts and mixing with lukewarm water is to be done in non-metallic containers. You can also use warm milk instead of warm water. when the shilajit is completely dissolved in warm water or milk then you can have it. A small cup of water or milk is enough to dissolve a pea-sized portion of shilajit.

Shilajit Resin
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Customer Reviews

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Purest of All

Most important factor in this product is purity and I have experienced 100% purity. Love the product definitely recommend it to others.


Really loved this product it is good for health and increase immunity gives a rich feel of authentic ayurvedic shilajit thank you for fast delivery

Helpful in keeping u active through out the day

It help you in keeping you active through out the day. You feel better

Very Usefull

Daily body energy increases and good for sexual heath also


Feel much energetic...If you have it every morning certainly you'll notice the change.


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