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Diabetes Care Products

Managing diabetes at an early stage can help in avoiding other serious health concerns such as heart diseases, kidney problems, and vision loss to name a few! Besides managing the sweet cravings, keeping a regular check on blood sugar levels is also very crucial. In addition to lifestyle and dietary changes, adding a few diabetes care supplements to the diet is also highly recommended to effectively manage the disease.

At Life Aveda, Ayurvedic MD Doctors have curated Diabetes Care products and supplements by using standardized herbal extracts that help in stabilizing blood sugar levels and improve glucose metabolism. Natural herbs such as Daruhaldi, Methi, Khadir, Guduchi, etc. are used in preparing these diabetes care formulations that also boost immunity and promote vitality. 

Ayurvedic Products for Diabetes Care 

  • Life Aveda’s Diabetes Care Collection consists of three carefully designed Diabetes Products that help in managing blood sugar levels, purifying blood, regularizing metabolism and digestive processes, and also boosting the overall functioning of the body.
  • These four Ayurvedic Products for Diabetes include Advanced Dia Revival, Neem Capsules, and Diamet 80 along with a combination of Advanced Dia Revival and Neem Capsules provided at an affordable price, that is packed together to form the Diabetes Relief pack for patiients who face multiple diabetic symptoms.


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