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  • Helps in gaining muscle mass
  • Supports digestion & appetite
  • Helpful & suitable for GYMERS
  • Helps in developing an attractive body
Frequently Asked Questions
Which Ayurvedic herbs increase weight?+

Herbs like Ashwagandha, Vidhari Kand, Triphala, Shatavari and Mucuna are beneficial for promoting weight gain and are all contained in a single capsule named G More by Life Aveda.

How to increase muscle mass naturally? +

A proper diet, an improved lifestyle, cutting down on bad fat, and an increased amount of protein intake along with a proper diet and nutritional supplement like Premium G More by Life Aveda can effectively contribute to increasing muscle mass naturally.

Is Ayurvedic medicine good for weight gain? +

Ayurveda supports natural weight gain by the medium of its herbal and natural ingredients which cause no side effects. Life Aveda’s G More capsules are therefore extremely effective for promoting natural weight gain.

Are there any side effects of these weight gain G More capsules? +

G More Capsules are entirely plant-based and chemical-free in their composition. If taken in the prescribed quantities the herbal formula does not produce any side effects. However, if you suffer from any sensitivities or allergies it is advisable to speak to our Ayurvedic health experts by clicking here.

Are these weight gain capsules helpful for gymers?+

G More capsules support muscle mass and growth and therefore can show beneficial results for athletes and gym-attending people.

Premium G More
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Anand Gupta

Not tested the counts but from the wellness feeling, it definitely worked well. Thanks for natural stuff.

Nikhil Bhatt
very good product

helped me to gain my weight from 45 to 60

Suraj Patel

1 bottle going to finish...showing results ordering another

Karan Mehta

this is absolutely natural with no side effects. GO FOR IT .??


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