Life Aveda Premium Immunity Enhancer
Trusted By Patients Life Aveda Premium Immunity Enhancer
Premium Immunity Enhancer
Premium Immunity Enhancer
Life Aveda Premium Immunity Enhancer Dosage & Caution
Premium Immunity Enhancer
Premium Immunity Enhancer
Premium Immunity Enhancer
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Premium Immunity Enhancer

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  • Supports immunity & body defense system
  • Aids in preventing seasonal cough, cold & fever
  • Helps improve lungs & respiratory health
  • Supports strength, energy & stamina
Frequently Asked Questions
How do Immunity Enhancer Capsules differ from regular supplements?+

Immunity Enhancer Capsules by Life Aveda stand out as a holistic Ayurvedic immunity booster capsule, incorporating natural ingredients to support overall well-being.

Are there any side effects associated with Immunity Enhancer Capsules?+

No known side effects; our capsules are crafted from Ayurvedic herbs, ensuring a gentle and safe approach to immunity enhancement.

How soon can I expect to see results after taking Immunity Enhancer Capsules?+

Immunity Enhancer capsules are designed for daily use, providing consistent support to bolster your immune system and it can be one of the best immunity booster capsules. Results may vary, but many users report feeling a positive impact on their immunity within a few weeks of regular use.

How do these capsules address seasonal illnesses?+

Immunity Enhancer Capsules incorporate Ayurvedic herbs known to provide resilience against seasonal challenges, helping your body adapt naturally.

What is the best herb for your immune system?+

Life Aveda’s Immunity Enhancer Capsules are prepared by combining the best immunity-enhancing herbs which include Ashwagandha, Giloy, Tulsi, Dalchini, Sounth, Amla and Haldi that work together to naturally boost immunity and build resistance to infections, allergies and diseases.

Premium Immunity Enhancer
60 (Pack of 1) - Rs. 810.00
  • 60 (Pack of 1) - Rs. 810.00
  • 120 (Pack of 2) - Rs. 1,520.00
  • 180 (Pack of 3) - Rs. 2,230.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Very effective medicine

In my is better than antibiotics, antiseptic, antiallergic.....or best immunity booster. It can cure multiple concerns.

It works

Very good product

Very helpful to be healthy in this pandemic.

It's really a good product. My whole family is taking this product. My mother was also infected with COVID-19 but she doesn't even get any type of symptoms. Immunity levels have definitely increased because of Immunity Enhancer.

Effective and Excellent product

Immunity Enhancer has kept me free from catching colds, and flu for more than 2 years now. Excellent product!

Great product

Superb immunity booster i have bought a nearby chemist shop it is good product 101β„… great product thanxx Life Aveda


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