Kutajghan Vati

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  • Helps to manage diarrhoea.
  • Manages intestinal infections.
  • Aids in improving digestion.
  • Helps to prevent viruses & bacteria.
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Kutajghan Vati
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Sarasij Debnath
Live carefree

I have been using this product for over a month. Observed improved gut health. Digestion better. Reduced constipation. Note that this probiotic has unique strains. Not many strains from lacto-bifido. Iam taking another probiotic for lacto-bifido. Ask zeroharm to come up with lacto-bifido variety too.

Anupam Mishra
Very effective for constipation , acidity and flatulence

I've been suffering for years with IBS .. flatulence.. bloating .. Felt the difference the very next day of taking . Loving it and will order again ...

Helping in digestion gastric problem

From previous 6/7 months I'm suffering from IBS, and after trying to many allopathy medicine not getting proper results, but after trying gut army from day 01 it's showing unbelievable results, highly recommended.

Recommended for digestion

I have tried many brands even pharma companies also but the effectiveness of Gut Army is best among all in the market. I have proble with gas bloating but when i feel so i just take 1 capsule after sometime gas bloating reduces. I must say this is the best Pre- probiotic i ever use. One request to company please maintain its quality like this forever. So the people like me how are the patient of gastritis getting releif naturally without the harmful effect of Allopathy medicines. Thanks to the company and manufacturer of this product.

sushil m
Bowel care - Glad I found them My experience

Contains 28 STRAINS including a number of Bacillus and S strains plus many others, different from other brands, but you get to know the list only when you get the product. See my photo for the list.


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